Shark Tank Website

Inspired by the show Shark Tank, students are designing a web page that advertises a product they created.  Here they are showing argument skills that we learned this quarter and that they can effectively use ethos (arguments using authority), pathos (arguments using emotion), and logos (arguments using logic and facts). We have been working on this throughout the quarter, and final drafts are due by the start of class Wednesday March 8th.

They need four pages:

  1. A homepage where they describe their  product.
  2. A FAQ page where they use facts and statistics to sell their product.
  3. A celebrity endorsement page where they pick a celebrity to sell their product.
  4. An emotional argument page where they get to choose any of the emotional techniques we studied to sell their product.


Click here for a rubric for what students need and what proficient work looks like.

Click here for instructions on how to use, the site we are building our website on.

Click here for my example.

Students have worked through all of these in class over the past quarter, and have had several opportunities to get my feedback on their work.  They have access to all these resources on their Google Classroom page. This is ur largest summative grade for the quarter.


Atticus Speech Analysis

Students were expected to analyze the purpose of Atticus’s speech in chapter 20 of To Kill a Mockingbird.  Then students needed to explain how he uses rhetorical devices to achieve his purpose.

A copy of the full speech and the prompt is here: atticus-text-prompt

Students may use the following outline to guide their writing.  Filling out the outline isn’t enough, but it can help them structure their essay: atticusspeechoutline

Students who have turned in the essay, received feedback from me in the form of numbers on the paper.  In case they lose their key about what the numbers mean, here is a copy.

We have been studying ethos, pathos, and logos all quarter, and most students have clear notes on these. However, if they need a reminder on what these are, they can find it here.

Almost Maine Auditions

If you want to audition for Almost Maine, please prepare one of the following sides for your audition.

Sides are short scenes from the play. You will read as one character, and we will have someone in the audition who will read the opposite character as you.  You don’t need to memorize lines, but you should probably be familiar with the scene (practice it the same way you would practice a monologue for an audition).

Read over all the scenes for your gender, and pick the character you feel is the best fit for you.

Sides for Men:

They Fell:they-fell-side

Prologue: prologue-side

Sides for Women: 

Story of Hope: story-of-hope-side

Her Heart: her-heart-side

English 9 and Honors 9 Reading Homework

If you are in English 9, you need to read chapters 3-5 of To Kill a Mockingbird for homework by Monday the 28th.  You also need to answer the following questions: 35thanksgivingquestions .


Here is a pdf of those chapters: tokillamockingbird-fulltext-22-51


If you are an honors student, you need to read chapters 7-9 of the book over break and answer the following questions on a seperate sheet of paper: fallbreakhomeworkhonors


Here is a pdf of the whole book if you need to catch up at all: tokillamockingbird-fulltext

To Kill a Mockingbird Books

We are starting To Kill a Mockingbird in English 9 and Honors English 9; unfortunately, our school’s copies of the book are limited and in rough shape.

As honors students need to complete reading of the book outside of class, and I don’t have enough copies to check these books out, I am requiring that all honors-level students purchase their own copy of the book by next Monday November 14th.  I am selling copies of the book for six dollars. Please come speak to me confidentially if you need me to help you procure a copy of the book; I understand money is a factor for some students, and I am happy to help.

For students in English 9, you have the option to purchase a book if you’d like. I’m encouraging this as it will give the chance to take notes and explore the text outside of class.  Again, I am selling them for six dollars.


Honors: To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 1

We have started To Kill A Mockingbird in honors-level English 9 today. We discussed how authors use the beginning of books to introduce thematic topics that they are going to build on later.  Even though the first chapter of Mockingbird is just a little girl discussing her life and her hometown, the author is starting to introduce thematic ideas that will be important later.

We used this prezi to introduce the text.

We then used this organizer to format our thinking about which thematic topics we see in the text.  I broke the first chapter up into seven sections that we used to stop and find thematic topics; however, if the student was out of class, they may find 6-7 stopping points on their own. tkamstart

Another school posted the full copy of the text online that you may use. 

Students need to do the following vocabulary work by Wednesday too.

To Kill a Mockingbird Vocabulary List One

On a separate sheet of paper, define the following words.  Write a sentence for each that shows you understand its definition. 

assuaged taciturn inquisitive placidly amiable

malevolent immune nebulous indigenous compromise